1. Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

    I just really wanted to post this. It is my only Tarzan issue.

  2. Love and Rockets issue 24.

    Front cover by Jaime Hernandez.

    Back cover by GIlbert Hernandez. 

  3. Wuvable Oaf issue 3 by Ed Luce.

  4. Wuvable Oaf issue 2 by Ed Luce

  5. Love and Rockets issue 23.

    Front cover and comic strip by Gilbert Hernandez.

    Back cover by Jaime Hernandez. 

  6. Love and Rockets issue 22.

    Front cover by Jaime Hernandez. 

    Back cover by Gilbert Hernandez. 

  7. Love and Rockets issue 21

    Front cover by Gilbert Hernandez.

    Back cover and comic strip by Jaime Hernandez.

  8. Elfquest issue 3 by Wendy and Richard Pini.

  9. Love and Rockets issue 20.

    Front and back cover by Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez. 

  10. Miniature Jesus issue 3 by Ted McKeever.